District 7150 Supporting the Foundation
Thanks to DG Peter, our district has joined with District 7170 (southern tier, NY) for the Tree Peony Project.
Purchase a beautiful peony plant and support the Rotary International Foundation.
Plant your beautiful, flowering shrub and remember your contribution each year!
Click here to download the flyer and share with your club
To order your peony contact DG Peter apeterf7150@gmail.com
$20/plant with half going to the foundation
About tree peonies:
They are easy to grow, woody shrubs that produce striking, satiny blooms of red, pink, white and purple. These ones are imported directly from Dalkanjima, Japan; the world capital of tree peonies. Help beautify your garden or local community while giving back to the Rotary Foundation!
Planting: You can plant then in April, May and June. The white, pink, red and purple plants are 2-years old.
Planting instructions will come with each plant.
Seedlings are hardy, but keep them in a cool place like a basement or garage. Do not let them freeze - that could kill them. Once planted in the ground, you no longer have to worry about frost. In fact, the colder the winter, the bigger the flowers they will bring in the spring! Tree peonies are very
hardy, deer resistant and rabbits do not like them. You may have flowers from 2 years old, but it will take 5-6 years to mature and produce 10 or more flowers. They are growing and long lasting gifts, great for housewarming and Mother's Day.
The Tree Peony Beautification movement started in District 7170 (the southern tier of NY) and their goal is to make it a national project with a National Tree Peony "Botan" Road that stretches from San Francisco to Boston!
You can visit www.treepeonyproject.com for more information