Never been to a District Conference before?
Not sure what to expect or why you should go? 
Here is a little more information on what it's all about to help you decide!
From Rotary International...
"The purpose of the district conference is to provide opportunities for networking, inspirational addresses, and discussions of Rotary-related matters. The event should recognize the service programs, projects, and public relations achievements in the district in order to inspire Rotarians to become more involved in service. The conference should also give Rotarians and clubs a vision of Rotary beyond the club level and provide a memorable fellowship experience."
To sum it up, conference is a gathering where we offer all Rotarians in the district the opportunity to come together, learn more about Rotary and each other, eat good food, enjoy fun entertainment and have social time. It's an opportunity to share, celebrate successes and revel in the wonderful world of Rotary! Very much like any conference you might attend for work, it is designed to surround you with like-minded people and expand your horizons. You should leave inspired and ready to do more, better.
At a conference you will learn more about Rotary and each other
There will be speakers, sessions and a House of Friendship featuring information about all avenues of service. You can learn about how to improve your club, do a project, get involved in a youth program and more. Thanks to social time, you will have the opportunity to get to know your fellow club mates better, meet Rotarians from around the district and meet with district leadership in person.
This year's conference is a celebration, so there is less focus on education. We will still hold a general session and talk a lot about membership on Saturday morning, but you should come prepared for a lot more fun time!
This is the perfect place to come for new members or for those who want to learn more about Rotary in general
Whether in a general session, at a meal, socializing after hours or visiting the House of Friendship, you will learn about Rotary from everything and everyone around you over the course of the whole weekend.
Conference is a mix of formal and casual
Friday evening's dinner is business attire and fairly relaxed since we will all be getting in from the drive to town. Saturday during the day it is business casual and in the evening it is more formal. At this year's conference the Saturday banquet will feature a murder mystery with a mobster-style theme, so consider wearing your best 1920's attire (think Gatsby, The Godfather, Madmen). You are also welcome to just dress in typical cocktail attire as well!
It's a weekend-long celebration filled with inspiration
Friday will kick off celebrating our youth with the Parade of Flags, those who have passed with our memorial service and partying with everyone who could be there with us. On Saturday we'll get inspired with some fun and collaboration in the morning, an Inspiration Hour in the House of Friendship and free time to explore in the afternoon, and then a fun Murder Mystery in the evening. There will also be awards to recognize clubs and their Acts of Kindness.
Both nights will have a different guest speaker that is going to inspire you both personally, professionally and in your volunteer role. You will also have opportunities to connect with other Rotarians and clubs to draw inspiration for new ways to put service above self!
There is plenty of social time
This isn't a stuffy or strict program where you are shuffled from one speaker to the next all day long with scheduled bathroom breaks that require a hall pass. Rotarians socialize during meals, can come and go as needed during general sessions and there is plenty of free time worked into the weekend. There are cocktail hours both days, time to spend in the House of Friendship, several activity rooms, time to explore Lake Placid Saturday afternoon and even on Sunday before you leave town. It is very relaxed and up to each attendee as to how much they get from the weekend!
You will get inspired!
Between what you learn and who you meet, you are bound to find inspiration to do more in Rotary. Whether you learn how you can improve your club, find a new project to be a part of, join a new committee or make a new friend, you will gain something and grow as a member. It is extremely inspiring to learn about all the amazing things we are doing locally, at the district level and internationally. It makes you feel like a part of something amazing and confirms that you are truly making a difference in the world by giving to Rotary. It's a unique experience you should try at least once, just like international conference!
Ready to sign up? You can register online and then use this form to book your hotel and meals. (Make sure you do both!)
It is $50/person for registration. Your room and meal package rates depend on how many people you are going with. We have discounts for double, triple and even quadruple groups who want to share a room to save some money. It is about $375/person when attending as a couple - which includes two nights in the hotel, five meals for each person, appetizers and coffee breaks, plus all the fun of the celebration. That's a really great price for a weekend get-away! We realize this is an investment for Rotarians, which is why we give people an entire year to plan for it and do our best to keep costs at a minimum while still providing a valuable and fun weekend!
Still not convinced? Have more questions?
Please don't hesitate to contact District Conference Chairperson Jenny Doane at
You can also click here for more about the celebration weekend.